Home Décor in Cannovale

House Interior Design — Home Décor in Cannonvale, QLD

Are you looking to update the interior of your home?


Not only do we create quality window furnishings, we also offer a wide range of décor solutions to enhance your living area and breathe life into your space. Add comfort, style and colour to your home with our custom add-ons today!

Working with leading brands like Warwick Weave and Zepel, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our customers in Cannonvale and surrounding areas. Our team offers the following:
  • Rugs
  • Bedheads
  • Runners
  • Custom cushions
We pride ourselves on flexibility and can customise our products to suit your needs. Call us today to get started on your home décor plans.
Rugs — Home Décor in Cannonvale, QLD


Rugs can increase the warmth and comfort of a room, while also protecting your floor and reducing noise and echoes within the house. With a wide range of rugs from Warwick Weave available, you will find the ideal product to match the existing design of your home.
Bedheads — Home Décor in Cannonvale, QLD


Zepel and Warwick can create beds of all sizes—singles, doubles, queens and kings! Create your ideal bedhead today and enjoy the benefits. Our team will help you find the perfect product to suit the size and design of your space.
Runners — Blinds in Cannonvale, QLD


Runners are ideal for increasing flow within a living space and protecting hardwood floors. Whether you use them in the hallway, entryway or between rooms, our custom runners are made to suit your tastes and budget.
Custom Cushions — Home Décor in Cannonvale, QLD

Custom Cushions

Perfect for both interior and exterior use, our custom cushions can help make your space inviting, comfortable and relaxing. Utilising the best materials, we create cushions in a wide range of colours, designs and styles. Get started on your home décor plans today.