Venetians in Whitsundays

White Venetian blinds — Blinds in Cannonvale, QLD

Stylish & colourful venetians


Mi-Ekka Designs offers timber venetians, faux timber venetians and aluminum venetians to homeowners and commercial businesses who want to improve the appearance of their building and make their living or work environment more comfortable. Our venetians are not only stylish and customised for each client, but they also work great at keeping the sun out.

Why Choose Us


Our team works hard to provide excellent results for each client, and we help those who are interested in timber, faux timber and aluminum venetians get the desired venetian blind products for their home or business. We also do all we can to keep our prices as low as possible, while also ensuring high-quality, durable venetians.
Timber Venetian Blinds — Blinds in Cannonvale, QLD

Timber & Faux

Timber and faux timber venetian blinds offer a great look for any window. Our team offers stained, lacquered and painted basswood timber in many different shades, all of which come in 50mm blades or wider width if desired.
Mi-Ekka also provides cedar blinds in a blade width of 45mm, which comes in a stained or lacquered finish. Our timber and faux timber venetians come in different options, and we work closely with the client to ensure they receive the perfect solution.
Venetian Blinds — Blinds in Cannonvale, QLD


Aluminum venetians are often considered a more modern solution, and they look great in kitchens and bathrooms. For commercial clients, our aluminum venetians also work well for offices, work environments and commercial bathrooms.
We offer aluminum venetians in a wide variety of colours and 25mm blades. Here at Mi-Ekka Designs, we also offer competitive prices and ensure high-quality products. Our venetians work well at filtering the sun while also providing an attractive design.